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How to fix SOMA changing colour profile

Not Solved How to fix SOMA changing colour profile
Hi there,
I've purchased SOMA for Mac quite a while ago. To get it out of the way: SOMA runs more than fine on my MacBook and it is certainly playable, I've no issues with graphic card. The only exception is that it changes colour profile to something extremely ugly (picture supplied
.jpg   123546 - 1.jpg (Size: 108.42 KB / Downloads: 61) ). It appears to do it system-wise – I could observe that when switching from one desktop to another. The colour profile returns to normal once the game is closed. As stressed before, the game is playable, but all that lemonish yellowishness gives me headaches.
Therefore the question is; is there a way to edit game files so that I can force it to use a certain colour profile or system–default one?

Pardon me if that's posted in the wrong section; I'm not sure whether this should be posted here or among modding threads.
09-13-2017, 11:54 AM
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