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Request for Help
Jayal555 Offline
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Request for Help

Hello there everyone,

i know i am new to this board/forum and now my request mind be a little bit impudent to ask but:

i need help. in various stuff:

I want to make a custom story with hpl3/soma and i was looked in some places like youtube and so on but i am not able to find something like a custom particle to use or make for a butterfly or other life like stuff.
Yeah, i know this sounds strange or stupid but in hpl1 i was working on a custom story (unfortunaly my harddrive broke and the cs was lost (2 years of work) and now i want to make a new one) and don't find some "life like stuff"..the only thing that comes in mind was the "flys".

If someone would be so kindly and help me with my request?

If so, i need some stuff:
- butterfly (color change?, animation, glowing? (light source))
- cockroach (animation, sound)
- birds ((animation, sound)

Is it possible to ask if someone can make a 3d model of a few figures or monsters with simple animation? I have some references for that if someone is asking for that request.

Is it possible to change the gender (sound, hand) in hpl3 in a female?

Is it possible to make a weapon to fight in hpl3?
Maybe use your smartphone to take pictures as a weapon or something?

Is someone so kindly to make a Wall, door, decor in a old japan style?
I have some references for that if someone is asking for that request.

That's first all for now. It would be so helpful if someone would be make my request become something.

I wish everyone here a happy new year and

Thank you.


I am truly sorry about my english, because it's not my first language.
01-02-2019, 02:24 PM
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