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Amnesia collection Xbox one tanked framerates
Just Raime Offline
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Not Solved Amnesia collection Xbox one tanked framerates

Hi guys I'm new to amnesia. I purchased the collection on Xbox one and I have been taking my time trying to play the dark descent and a machine for pigs. The issues that I'm having is that the framerates pretty bad on Xbox one and given the age of the game it should be able to run pretty smoothly on the hardware. The frames only tank when I start to light things. If I look in a direction that has tons of lights or even a single light the game starts to turn into a slide show. This is also on display for a machine for pigs as well. I don't want to try Christine because I have a gut feeling that it will be the same. Coming from Soma on Xbox one I'm used to lower framerates but Soma's not nearly as bad as this. The question I would like to ask is whether or not the Xbox one ports getting a patch. I can struggle on TDD but AMFP is not playable with it's framerate issues. Help please. ?
05-26-2019, 12:16 PM
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