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Several advanced(probably) questions
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Several advanced(probably) questions

Good day, gentlemen!

Currently i am developing a new project and i have some serious troubles with realization of several ideas i'd thought are very cool. I am sorry for such a long and boring text, but i'd like to ask all the questions i had during my period of developing.
  • 1) So, i'd like to start from the stupidest question. Is this possible to somehow upgrade an editor and add new functions to it?
Well, i don't need this exactly - i just want to say that it is kinda irritating when it comes to making realistic lights. If you have, for example, a lamp, to make shadows you should literally spam spotlights around it imitating effect of shadows coming from the lamp.

[Image: image.jpg]


Sometimes, shadows from different lights cross and it looks terrible as hell:

[Image: 2.jpg]


Is there a possibility to make something similar to pointlight, but with casting shadows?

  • 2) Besides of that, there is something wrong with ropes. First of all, it doesn't really have collision or something - it always goes through walls and objects. Ofcourse, i'd like to fix this, but that's not a big problem.
There is a thing that i wanted to make recently. I connected an object to table using rope, so my idea was to move this object in some exact radius around the table, and push the table in another places to extend the radius.

Things went backward. When i take an object and go somewhere, the table itself goes right after me. It could be realistic, but not in my case, because the thing i bring with me has a very small mass(something around 1 vs 20 of table). I even tried to launch it somewhere - and table just went flying over there like a piece of paper.
I tried changing mass of both but it didn't help. It works only if the table is static object, but this already ruins the whole idea.

  • 3) Monster paths.
I have a location that has two floors. Monster follows me incredibly good until we stop being on the same height. When it reaches stairs - oh my God - it will never pass it without making some stupid move like breakdancing around itself. And it is if i am lucky enough. Sometimes it just skips stairs and tries to reach me, going in the same position i am, but a floor lower. And, again, breakdancing.

What should i do to fix it? Will monster work relatively correct in a location with several floors?

  • 4) Monster again.
I wanted to give him some kind of moves like ability to open doors instead of just breaking them. How can i make him to open doors when he is not chasing me?

The reason i want it to do is because there will always be a moment on the map when all doors are broken.

  • 5) Troubles with phonograph.
For some reason, it stucks after activating exact script. It might be kind of a noob mistake, but i really don't understand why it does such a thing with all the settings i made:

[Image: 221.jpg]

void Phonograph(string &in asEntityName, int alState)
if(alState == 1)
PlayMusic("Mus1.ogg", false, 1, 3, 3, false);

if(alState == 0)
StopMusic(1, 3);

  • 6) Problems with primitives and areas
I needed to make a slow increasing of water in some room. But i can't work with primitives like with entities, thus, i can't give it a script. How can i handle this situation?

The problem connected to it is i don't know if areas can be attached to objects. I tried it but it wouldn't work. As you already figured out, i wanted to make an increasing level of water with expanding the water area so all objects can be affected by water physics.

And i still don't know what to do in case if it reaches head of the player. Should i just end a game or somehow make him going up as well?

Well, i surely forgot some of the things i wanted to ask, but, whatever, these are the most important things needed for my map.

Thanks for reading or at least scrolling until this part! I hope i didn't act impertinently enough with asking all these questions at once.
06-18-2019, 07:20 PM
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