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Found a game kinda like amnesia.
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Found a game kinda like amnesia.


Its a horror world war one game....yes you heard me right.

For the most part you don't have any weapons until way later in the game when you find a rifle although i sincerely doubt that the rifle will kill what the enemies that are in this game....wont spoil that for you.

Also keep in mind that because you are in German trenches besides the controls and stuff you need to know the game will be in German to fit with the mood.

Also just in case anyone needs advice for the first ra- i mean enemy. You can rip off the limbs of dead soldiers with your knife and use them to distract the enemy's.

Also it should be worth mentioning that this game was completed in only five weeks.

Edit: Holy shit i just finished the game and....just....holy shit!

What a wonderful experience it was like amnesia and yet at the same time still unique!

A true horror game!

Anyways if you guys need help on the game just ask me and ill help you out.

I finished the game without finding the rifle so if anyone knows were it is then please share with us.

Edit: Alright after playing the game for a second time i found the rifle! Its in the bunker just be careful cause there is a enemy in front of the bunker.

Also yes the rifle only stuns the rap- enemies for a couple of seconds and you only have three bullets from what i can see so its about as useful as the frigging broom from penumbra overture...still kinda worth getting because the bunker has another note and some depressing music on a gramophone so id go check out the bunker if i were you guys for the atmosphere alone!

Edit: Alright the flares are kinda the same deal as the severed limbs. It distracts the enemies so you can run the hell out of there!

Edit: But the cool thing is that you can attach flares to your belt so you can keep collecting flares and use them!

So i recommend picking up flares were ever you can find them!

Edit: Okay turns out there are bullets in another place besides the bunker if anyone's interested.

Edit:If you ever need to keep track of how many flares or bullets you have then just look down at your chest at your belt! Its like a unique version of a ammo count!

Edit: Also before i forget the same rules from amnesia apply here. Don't play to win! Instead try to get immersed in the game.
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