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Mouse Stuck at Top-Left Screen Corner
plutomaniac Offline
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Solved: 3 Years, 3 Weeks ago Exclamation  Mouse Stuck at Top-Left Screen Corner

Issue: The problem is located at the file SDL.dll which is common in OpenGL games.

Details: Amnesia uses SDL.dll v1.2.14.0 which due to a bug does not let the mouse get away from the game and so it is stuck at the left corner when ALT-Tab is pressed.

Solution: Copy SDL.dll v1.2.15.0, which adds a proper ALT-Tab fix, and overwrite the original SDL.dll v1.2.14.0.

Download: You need SDL.dll v1.2.15.0 file which is attached to this post.

Disclaimer: Frictional Games are not the developers of SDL.dll library.

Attached Files
.rar   SDL.dll v1.2.13.0 for Amnesia TDD by Pluto.rar (Size: 178.17 KB / Downloads: 8,285)
.rar   SDL.dll v1.2.15.0 for Amnesia TDD by Pluto.rar (Size: 232.25 KB / Downloads: 16,117)
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05-19-2011, 09:22 PM
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