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2007-04 Wednesday 4th, Weekly review roundup
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RE: 2007-04 Wednesday 4th, Weekly review roundup

i have a scan of the pc gameplay article
my brother quickly scanned it so its a poor scan
but the score, prs/ cons are on it so thats good enough Smile
i can scan it again if you want XD

quick translation of the lower left box on page 2:

inituitive controlls
good physics puzzles

repetitive leveldesign (i can explain if you want btw Smile)

and a demo is on the dvd

pcgameplay zegt:penumbra is a unforgetabl rolercoasterride that you shouldnt miss
watch out if your a hearthpatient

and a score of 85 is wicked good :d
they cant wait for ep2:d

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04-04-2007, 07:48 PM

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