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[Massive Project] Continuation of Amnesia via the Portal Ending
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[Massive Project] Continuation of Amnesia via the Portal Ending

I come up with ideas quicker than I can actually put them into physical forms. This is a problem because I'll start something, work diligently on it, and then stop because I realize I didn't even think of how to progress. That being said, I am trying to make something in which the storyline comes first.

The idea:

A simple continuation of the Amnesia story, canonically taking place seconds after the Portal ending. I won't go into detail about that ending for anyone who hasn't actually seen it yet.

Spoilers of the official game as well as this new story ahead

The game would take place in the location described through notes, flashbacks, emotion stones, etc - "alien structures, impossible geometry." Essentially, a completely different planet that spawns unknown creatures such as the infamous "water lurker." Daniel would literally pop out of the portal and the game would start. Story is obviously still being thought up as of now.

I am getting good at pushing the HPL Editor to its outdoor limits, but I would need some models to really convince the player that this world is alien.

Also, I recently came upon a fairly good amount of cash from selling a Flash game, so I would gladly spend it to hire professional voice actors. Obviously, this would only be if the project went very far.

Help Requested

Because this would be such a radical departure from Amnesia's base toolset, I would need quite a few custom models (I can do textures) to make this alien area convincing. If you are a capable modeler, I would EXTREMELY appreciate even a single model to get things going.

Specific models requested

- Lots of different alien-type plants. Think strange, long fungus type things, literally anything your mind comes up with that doesn't look of this world.

- Decaying ruins - I can do most of this with what Amnesia currently has installed, but I would like a few otherworldly ruins.

- Fairly large background pieces - Any type of low poly giant foreign structures, namely composed of 'impossible geometry.' These will be scattered in the distance - unable to get to but just to enhance the scenery.


As I said, I can't do this alone. I need the help of skilled modelers to make this idea progress. I will begin the initial outdoor alien area now, but it will not come to fruition if I am without help.

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