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Complete newcomer to Map Editing!
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Complete newcomer to Map Editing!

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and to map editing, so first of all, HI GUYS!

My map making skills aren't exactly advanced, if anyone remembers Operation Flashpoint and it's succesors (Armed Assault, Armed Assault Two) - I have some minor experience in creating maps for these two games, but my scripting was never really that advanced, I could write a basic script to say - make a small car explode when the ingame trigger attatched too it had been triggered, had my colleges in my clan surprised many a time with IED based triggers haha.

But obviously the Amnesia level editor is completely different, I'm building from scratch, I don't have a handy in-game editor to do this or simple comands, I mean, for my previous example of the IED all I had to do was pop a command line to execute the appropriate script, so something like
Quote:exec "carbomb1.innit" true 1
or something. ANYWAYS.

So I came up with a story, well, the beginning of a story at the moment, nothing particularly thought out. Essentially I'd like to make the opening level. I've built my level, we have a simple corridor, with four large bedrooms on either side of the corridor. But I'd like a few questions answered seeing as I haven't been able to seem to find them in YouTube tutorials;

One, with windows in the game, I've seen particles mentioned for getting light to shine through, infact I saw a tutorial a while ago to do it, but can't find it now - so if you know it, please link!

Two, are traumatic/horrific experiences (that effect insanity, or just a door swinging open for example) all done on scripts? If so, I'd appreciate it if anyone could show me a basic script for having a door fly open, and how to get that script to run once the player hits a certain spot on the map.

Third, I have a basic map, I have my player start location, but how exactly do we load this into the game, and have a little run around, just to check all the walls etc are exactly as they should be before I start faffinf around with scripting.

And finally, within the players starting room, there's a notice board to his left - on this there's random scriblings, and a note (a story note) - how do you apply the text for this note? Kind of eager to add the first element of story to my 8 room corridoor adventure!

Sorry if you've all heard this drabble before, but heck, I'm a newbie, and you guys are all just lovely - any help at all will be greatly appreciated! Any good tutorials you've made, or seen, in regards to physical map making, or scripting, link them if you will!

Many thanks guys, have a good day and happy amnesia modding!

06-19-2011, 10:35 AM
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