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.lang doesn't work anymore
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.lang doesn't work anymore


little problem. My language file worked fine all the time. Now I put some lines in and the whole thing doesn't work anymore. The part which was in the language file before too. Anyone knows whats wrong? Undecided

Spoiler below!

<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">
Welcome to the "Latrine der Angst"! You fell asleep and now you are captured in this nightmare. Can you survive?
<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
<CATEGORY Name="LoadingText">
<Entry Name="Loading_Latrine">Welcome to your nightmare...</Entry>
<Entry Name="Loading_Intro2">2 hours later</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Journal">
<Entry Name="Note_A1_Name">The letter from the Unknown</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_A1_Text">You don't know me. But you have to trust me. If you don't, you'll never come out of here.[br]-Unknown</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Toilet_Name">"Toiletmessage"</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Toilet_Text">"Here I sit,[br]all broken hearted[br]came to shit,[br]and the world ended. "</Entry></CATEGORY>
<Entry Name="Note_HG_Name">Did he die?</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_HG_Text">Here may be found the last words of Joseph of Aramathia. He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the holy grail in the Castle of Aaauuuggghhh... </Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Creepythingfocus">
<Entry Name="Creepytextfocus">Creepy-text-thingy</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Creepything">
<Entry Name="Creepytext">Put creepy text in here!</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Easteregg1">
<Entry Name="Button">Don't push this button!!!!</Entry>
<Entry Name="Prisonguys">Strange prisonguys.</Entry>
<Entry Name="AA">Alexander of Brennenburg and Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Justineguy">The monster from Justine aka Pillermann Joe.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Waterthing">The invisible thing which hunts you in the water. I likes meat.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Grunt">He's the man. The Grunt aka Mr Face aka Mr Bondageman.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Brute">He's the bad guy.The VERY bad guy.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Rusty">He plays a much bigger role than everyone thinks.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Stonehead">Unimportant guy.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Persia">The little persian brother of "Rusty".</Entry>
<Entry Name="Stoneguy">Stoneguy. Found in Justine.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Potrait">The creepy potrait of Alexander.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Stoneslave">Another Stoneguy.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Cucaracha">La cucaracha.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Fish">A fish...</Entry>
<Entry Name="Rat">There everywhere!</Entry>
<Entry Name="Spider">I hate spiders.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Gruntdoll">The ultimate Gruntdoll. Only for children 7+.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Lantern">Daniels best friend.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Health">Helps.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Sanity">Only in custom stories.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Oil">You have never enough...</Entry>
<Entry Name="Crowbar">Gordon Freeman was here.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Bible">Please don't burn.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Poolnormal">Pool with water.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Poolblood">Pool with blood.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Eagle">An eagle.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Book">Strange book.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Amnesia">The drink that let even forget you your name! (broken Sad ) </Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Message">
<Entry Name="Intromessage1">What's going on?</Entry>

Thanks Smile

[Die Latrine der Angst] The demo of my 1st story (:
07-09-2011, 11:14 PM
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