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The Cursed - My first full custom story
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RE: The Cursed - My first full custom story

(07-18-2011, 03:16 PM)HumiliatioN Wrote: First of all this is terrible map to play. I have seen TOO many texture errors or bugs. Very poor design. I think it's too rushed map for your everything is weird looking and all entities is even not placed on the ground. Make new update and fix your episode again. Sorry but thats the truth. Bad. However what I do with that Crowbar, Chemical bottle ?

Where I find in Storage key to the upstairs.

and why to put that "little pipe" in that broken one because there is no use for that.

Finally I can't open your maps with the editor I'm getting half of your maps "crash to my editor when i wanna look at them.

I know its your first story don't blame yourself you are just for learning. Its a start map for beginners but please make those tools to for something useful purpose.

EDIT: Okay I passed that storage part and open both "Control rooms" I dont know what is that but anyways teleport behind that bookshelf and continue Dungeon Prison and BAM! Error. Not happy about this custom story. Fix this bugs fast and I can finish this dull story.

Thanks for the spoiler -.- ffs!

[Image: 44917299.jpg]Dubstep <3
07-18-2011, 04:04 PM
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