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2007-05 Thursday 17th, More reviews and a little notice.
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RE: 2007-05 Thursday 17th, More reviews and a little notice.

Well, I fully understand why you would want a new game over a fresh patch, but I would perfer this 'patch' of sorts over Episode 2 (for now) for the primary reason that I want to get my 20 US dollars out of Episode 1. I only got around 6 hours of gameplay out of it, so far, and am going to replay the entire thing on hard once the patch comes...Smile

Of course, a preview video for Episode 2 would be nice, but I would really like to see Episode 1 come closer to perfection with a patch.

[EDIT] Ah, but again, they are working on a Linux/Mac demo for Episode 1...that should take priority over the patch and Episode 2, I think...you should spread the word for your game (which you seem to be doing quite well, already), and be sure to show that you have the interest necessary for an 'indie' group to take hold of a legion of fans, whether or not they use XP or Vista or Linux or OS X. Wink

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