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stuck in cistern/can not jump to last valve!
lesley Offline
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stuck in cistern/can not jump to last valve!

cistern can't jump platform to last valve

HELP!!! I think there is a glitch, I am Getting SO SO frustrated and my left hand is killing me! I have TRIED for hours to jump the broken platform to get to the last valve in the corner in cistern. I got to steam valve and two other valves. I had to climb rocks to get to one valve. But I can't get to the third valve no matter what. I can NOT jump from section to section of the broken platform. After about 200 tries I got as far as bridge, then corner than bam, back in the water. I am ready to THROW this game out I am so fed up. IT is NOT fun to spend hours and hours doing the same thing to no avail. THAT is the definition of insanity....
I am playing on a laptop. I have to use the shift plus W key to run; with my left hand, that's two fingers pressing two keys and at the same time I have to use the space bar with yet another finger, as I need to use the mouse with my right hand...so despite suggestions to RUN and jump from section to section I get to one then hit the water. OMG this is driving me nuts. Daniel does not get past ONE piece of a broken platform before falling in the water. Then I have to swim back to the damn stairs and start over again and again. I can't stand this anymore, please say there is a way to SKIP this nonsense.
I am SO aggravated I was loving the game till the last couple days. Seriously, I have arthritis in my hands/wrist and this is SO hard it's ridiculous....I am not exagerrating when I say I have tried for hours.
Is there a way to avoid the last valve? It is quite clear no combination of running and jumping gets Daniel across the pieces of platform, he falls in the water and can NOT climb up.. This is definitely the LOW point of an awesome game. It is apparent I can't go further as I can't get to the sewer without draining the water.
09-13-2011, 03:58 AM
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stuck in cistern/can not jump to last valve! - by lesley - 09-13-2011, 03:58 AM

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