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stuck in cistern/can not jump to last valve!
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RE: stuck in cistern/can not jump to last valve!

ok, Where I am, is you come out of the wood door, into the area filled with water, and stairs, and you go down a platform, make a right turn. Across from you looks like a giant chamber where it sounds like some guy is crying/ making awful sounds. Anyway this is NOT the area with the bridge you lower by throwing a rock, I got to that area before. This area, the platform is all broken in sections and it seems you are supposed to run/jump from broken section to broken section, hit a corner, make another Right, and somewhere in that corner is another redirect valve. I have ONLY shut off TWO sewer redirect valves so far: One was past the steam pipes you shut off, the other you had to climb along a left hand wall/rocks and get to a valve in the right hand corner.
THIS third one, omg I have tried repeatedly, sometimes he jumps as far as TWO platforms, makes it to a bridge. ONCE I got past the bridge and had to jump TWO MORE broken platforms and BOOM he was in the friggin water again. I don't even think my 13 yr old could do this without a LOT of swearing!!! :O.....
ALSO I found TWO pipes in the Control room area, thats it. I put them on the wall then noticed two more holes on that wall that looks like yet ANOTHER pipe should snap in place. WELL I spent an HOUR looking around room by room and there are NO MORE pipes in any of the Control room area.
MAN I was sayin just before I hit the cistern level to my friends: THIS IS A FREAKING awesome game. NOW I had to walk away for a day to calm down my stress level arghhh. so IS there a point where you must jump along a broken up platform to a corner, make a left and jump again to get to a corner for a third valve??? How is it I am having such a problem with this?

oh, HOW do I post a screen shot? Never did that before....thanks for any help, folks!!!
nice map! But question, which symbol refers to the valves you have to turn ("sewer redirect valves)?
ALso, when I left the prison and entered the 'cistern' there was a hallway and it is still filled with water, I am assume that leads to the sewer?
Another question, I am confused because it seems that area you start off in, where you climb a ladder to actually enter the cistern, is ALSO called the cistern...but it has a door on the lower level where that hallway is, I can NOT open that door either. It says 'it won't budge'
so am I right that the area where you start off below the platforms and two scaffolds you have to lower, is the first part of the cistern? CONFUSING...then the area you enter in the upper level, through a wood door, (same level as morgue door, and control room door) is all part of the cistern? sorry but it is quite confusing....I see NO signs saying 'sewer'. Just a hallway that leads to a place telling me the water is 'too deep to traverse'. SO I assumed that water is the sewer water I am trying to drain via 3 valves.
also, I walked along a platform in the water filled area (cistern proper?) and had to climb rocks to get to a valve which I shut. I noticed a door blocked with rubble that won't open either....

ok, in this guy's video, THIS Is the area I CAN NOT jump like he does. It won't work. I fall in the water over and over. at minute 6:20 or so of his vid, which is the area I am having trouble with, he jumps the platform repeatedly, after only one attempt that had him fall in the water...then he gets there to the letter and valve NO problem. what am I doing wrong??? I am using shift and w, plus control to run/jump. Do I have to stop at every platform and do it one at a time? IS there an easier way to hop from section to section?

I just took a look at that map above, the area I am having trouble is on the far right, the first green dot that says 'water crank' (I guess you mean valve)...I see the squares are the parts of the broken platform! thanks...
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