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Overture: Stuck in Chemical Storage
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RE: Overture: Stuck in Chemical Storage

HELP! I am still stuck there, going on a week or two now, seriously. At first I thought I had to push crates to jump across acid pit, when I run across, I die over and over. only a couple times now I have made it to the second door switch. but when I try to move those bloody crates to the acid the worm kills me. once I got two crates to acid but couldn't get across it anyway. I have literally tried HUNDREDS of times, my wrists (carpal tunnel and arthritis are killing me)! Does ANYONE have a save file that can get me past this place??? I am getting desperate. I have found NO way to get across the second acid. I even tried to reset the game on easy although I don't think it will change since I have been playing in normal mode...HELP!!! Sad
11-07-2011, 01:29 AM
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