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Funny Personal Irony in White Night
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Funny Personal Irony in White Night

So.... I'm sure most of you have played White Night by Tanshaydar. If not, I'm going to post a few spoilers on my funny ironic situation...


So... I started up White Night. There, it asked me to create a "new patient". I loved how it was themed around the campaign's OWN amnesia. So I thought it would be funny, being a fan of the Silent Hill series, to name my profile "Subject 206". If any of you can guess that reference before I say it now, you rock.

Alex Shepherd in Silent Hill: Homecoming was put in Room 206 in the mental hospital (sequence in the beginning of SH: Homecoming). I just thought it would be funny to have that as my mental subject.

Then I laughed...

One of the first sequences in the game is you being pushed on a stretcher in White Night, here is the first cutscene in Homecoming:

I laughed because that matched so well....

Then I smiled in joy...

Later in the campaign, you begin entering a "hallucinagenic" nightmare... Similar to Silent Hill's "Otherworld".

THEN WN started playing it's soundtrack... which reminded me AGAIN of Silent Hill.
Being a big fan of Silent Hill, This campaign was a complete and utter TREAT. XD And the fact that I unknowingly made my "patient", Subject 206, just put the icing on the cake.
The references and theme/atmosphere was beautiful, and actually jumped a few times (I damn near threw my mouse when I turned underneath the staircase in the beginning)

Tanshaydar, thank you for a great, White, night =]
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