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Supporting #Include (And Other C Preprocessor Directives)
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Is easy to say

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RE: Supporting #Include (And Other C Preprocessor Directives)

There is a bug in the preprocessor (source) with the -C (comments) flag, this will cause single lines with comments on the end to be deleted / commented out. The fix is simply to remove the switch from the batch file if you have already downloaded it. I am uploading a fixed version now too. This means comments won't be in the output file (but this shouldn't be an issue, as you will be editing files with comments in just fine).

Fixed batch script:
::Batch file to aid HPS preprocessing - Apjjm.
::%1 - Directory of file to pre-process (and where output should go)
::%2 - Name of file to pre-process
::%3 - Name of file to output (the pre-processed file)

::PATH TO MCPP. You probably won't need to change this.
SET MCPP="%~DP0\mcpp-2.7.2-bin\mcpp-2.7.2\bin\mcpp.exe"

SET ERRF="errors.txt"

cD "%1"
%MCPP% "%2" "%3" -P -W0 2> %ERRF%
CALL :ShowErrors %ERRF%
goto :eof

              ECHO ====================================
                      TYPE %1
                      PAUSE )
goto :eof

Edit: First post updated with new link.

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05-07-2012, 02:43 AM
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