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Lang Editor Tool (V1.1 - Spell Checker Added)
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RE: New Language Editor Tool (V1.1 - Spell Checker Added)

New version (1.1) Added.

Renamed the "Info" Tab to "Errors" tab, as the name is more apt.
Switched from using Windows.Forms.RichTextBox to Windows.Controls.RichTextBox for the main editor.
Spellchecker support
May have fixed a slight performance issue where the textbox would be set/unset multiple times when switching categories.

Note: As the switch to Windows.Controls.RichTextBox was a little more involved than i would have liked, it is possible that i may have missed something or created a bug. I haven't found one when playing about with the test files though. Old versions are always available if you prefer them.


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05-30-2012, 07:05 PM
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