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Poll: Which monster do you think is the most dangerous and scariest in the Frictional Games universe?
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The Grey Rock Worms from Penumbra
13 8.28%
The Infected from Penumbra
28 17.83%
The Dogs from Penumbra
11 7.01%
The spiders from Penumbra
3 1.91%
The Brutes from Amneisa
55 35.03%
The Grunts from Amnesia
21 13.38%
The Water Horror from Amnesia
26 16.56%
Total 157 vote(s) 100%
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What do you think is the #1 monster in the Frictional Games Penumbra & Amnesia?
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RE: What do you think is the #1 monster in the Frictional Games Penumbra & Amnesia?

(01-04-2012, 10:10 PM)Carrna Wrote: I'd say brute.

It's impossible to win them in running competition if there isn't any doors on the way. They can kill you in one hit if your health isn't maxed, and although it was you still couldn't run away from them. And in my opinion the sounds they make are the creepiest ones out there. First you'll hear their moan and then those nasty metal dragging sounds while they're coming for you~

...And who wouldn't love that pretty smile? Tongue
Of the Amnesia monsters, the Brute seems to be the easiest to make a Halloween costume, thanks to his smile Big Grin

The worm can't smile too well, but all it wants is to give you a nice 'big kiss' Tongue

The worm can kill you in one hit as well, the only reason it takes longer in Black Plague is because the Tuurngait Clarence is protecting you. In the worm's .ent file, his damage is 300.

While I do admit the worm doesn't have a creepy sound (making the Brute's walking a bit more nerve wracking), the worm can came without warning and shock you followed by terror as it moves slightly faster than you. I was disappointed that the Frictional Games people didn't use the worm more to scare the player like they did with the Brute in Amnesia (I admit, I was jumped more in Amnesia than Penumbra, but that's because they put unexpected events in Amnesia aka no warning when a scary or surprising moment is coming.)

I'd love for these two to meet. I don't think friendship would be on their minds though...

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