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Work in progress Spacies [Fullconversion - Looking for 3D-Artist]
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Spacies [Fullconversion - Looking for 3D-Artist]

MODDB (for more images): http://www.moddb.com/mods/spacies

[Image: Pir_ServerRoom1.png]

Scripting: Adrianis

There are some people providing me sporadic help on this;
Timorem Mod Team

No specific time set for the story. You travel across different dimensions and worlds seeking a cure for you ill daughter. This is done in collaboration with a somewhat crazy scientist, whoose wife is also "uncurably ill" (at least in your world). Both of you hope to find answers by using the doctors invention for almost "magical travel".

You can watch all(?) videos in 1080p fullscreen on youtube (Right-click --> Copy video url).

Spoiler below!

(To be) room with plants:

Server room:

Dreamworld [A Map]

The in-game menu (a work in progress):

A test of reflections on my "PlateCorridor" Wallset (have to go fullscreen+1080p to see it):

A draft for a possible lantern updated 20-feb-2012:

My progress log!
Spoiler below!

As you can see, the "watery-fire texture" doesn't display properly in game. Fixed! The animations are also sloppy and will need some tweaking. Other than that, I am pretty happy with it! I have also changed the texture of the arm to something else. Lantern starting to feel pretty ok, even though I'm not much of a "lantern-fan".

20-feb-2012 update
I have decided to create a city for this mod, but for that I would have to learn how to make proper outdoor terrain. This is what I'm currently learning. I have also managed to come up with a neat story tying it all together. So, things are going slowly forward (civilisations rise and crumble during my progress).

28-feb-2012 update
As you can see I have started working on a Space station. Also worth mentioning is that Statyk is creating a custom monster for the space station, and it is turning out quite nice!

17-may-2012 update
Learned how to make better textures. Learned how to generate skyboxes. Learned how to make outdoor terrain. I won't be doing an outdoor map, there isn't enought time! Will focus on building the space station --> That map will recieve much love.

4-june-2012 update
Have made progress on the space station, no new images though. Also "reworked/finished" Statyk's monster :> It can be seen under the spoiler tag called "monsters". Experimented with some stuff. Rework on story --> must adapt it somewhat to better fit something shorter; at least a smaller number of environments.

10-june-2012 update
Made a menu, fonts, changed around images and stuff. Tuned some other settings available for a full conversion. Also made a satellite for fun (during the last part of Traggeys livestream). Thought up a new name. Just minor random progress --> added some "fill out" models to enhance some environments. Tuned lighting.

26-july-2012 update
Have been working on a new wallset for a little more than the last two weeks. The result is posted as an image and a video.

[Image: mZiYnxe.png]

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01-05-2012, 06:49 PM
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