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Work in progress Custom Story : Run Away (Trailer Released)
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Custom Story : Run Away (Trailer Released)

Hi all. Decided to make his custom story, entitled to Run Away. This is my first job, working alone,but I will not bad Blush . the other day, if have time to lay out the beta. I have plans to make a full Convertion mod, as well as make a new enemy (if I can) ,also likely voiced.
You - a scientist who has spent his entire life to create a portal to the past in order to correct the mistakes of his life. But you do not teleported to wherever you want, and far into the past, and even after you start shooting something that does not want you to be located here. something that brings death and terror. Now you have to find a way back home. but for now - try to survive.
the current process works:
Mansion - 45%
basement - 95%
forest - 98%
old castle - 60%
and many more not begun levels.

(sorry for the Quality)
After a few hours I'm posting screenshots

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