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STILL STUCK in worm/acid area overture
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RE: STILL STUCK in worm/acid area overture

Hey lesley,

I'd suggest that first you calm down a bit (you probably are now). If you play with anger, it often does not help - my experience. I play best when I do not care if I succeed or not. But okay back to topic.

Some general tips:

1) You talk about hitting Tab to equip and unequip your axe. I'd say that this costs you much time. Maybe not a critical amount but still. Just put your axe to a shortcut like 1, 2, 3, etc and equip/unequip WHILE you're running

2) you *are* running aren't you? Like pressing the SHift key while moving? Since you mentioned each keypres - except this.

3) You also said you lowered one gate. I am not 100% sure anymore since it's been some months I finished the game but I am pretty certain there are at least two gates you can close. One when the chase starts and I think one before or after the acid pit.

4) Speaking of the acid pit - I only pulled in ONE box, took a running start and jumped as far as I could. I landed near the end of the acid and could jump out of the pool without any serious damage

5) If you still cannot figure it out, try watching the scene on a Youtube walkthrough. It could give you some hints on how to perform better in certain spots.

I hope this helps you.
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01-27-2012 02:19 AM
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