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Killings In Altstadt -Custom story/Full conversion-
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RE: Killings In Altstadt -Custom story/Full conversion-

(01-28-2012, 09:18 AM)kman Wrote: So I played this. Well, rather tried to. I got about half way through the second map and clicked on the coins in my inventory since I was curious what they did, and the entire game crashed. I'm gonna be honest, from what I played it was very mediocre. The story was pretty weak, there were many easily spottable mapping errors, a lot of the scares seemed very... forced. I might finish this, maybe. But I'll at least give you guys credit for trying to make a new gameplay element.
Can you send us details about these "easily spottable mapping errors"? We found (and fixed) 61 before release, so we looked carefully. And after release we played it again 2 times and didn't found anything except the lift-door that kinda glitches through the wall.

(01-28-2012, 11:34 AM)I will disagree Wrote: First of all you don't have to merge the files into the normal directories, all the folders can be placed inside the custom_stories\KillingsInAltstadt folder.

I don't know how you respond to criticism, but I will give some.

Spoiler below!

The basement lever puzzle thing is impossible, don't you test your maps? The unnecessary sanity damage it causes to pull that lever down made me stick to the ground and have no way of moving forward. Then added to that the fact that the lever does absolutely nothing is just too much...
After that puzzle I just skimmed through the maps skipping all the boring puzzles with LoadMap. Didn't spot a single original/interesting puzzle.

I am so desensitized that monsters are just an annoyance so I did not enjoy the "scares".

Mapping was the same as most other custom stories == identical corridors, boring lighting and low amount of detail. It didn't even seem to improve at any point, felt more like you got bored of mapping and just wanted to release asap.

The story... Half-assed like every other custom story. Those morality questions were pretty much laughable. Do I stab this limp body or not?
My characters motivation to go through all that was nonexistent. After a murderer? The place was full of murdering monsters.

Only good thing your whole story had was the Boris thing, which was interesting, but it did not fit the mood at all.

All my remaining respect for you vanished as I saw the flying naked body...

But don't worry, there will be lots of people who enjoy stories like these.

btw don't you think you should credit the creators of the music you used?
Generally we like criticism that helps us improving further projects. I noticed a few things in your "spoiler" that I have to respond with criticism Smile

1. "All my remaining respect for you vanished as I saw the flying naked body."
If you mean Johannes, you probably never played the main story. Johannes has the Model of Alexander who is naked & floating, too.

2. "Those morality questions are pretty much laughable"
Morality questions? If you mean the possibility to either stab the guys or not, that's not a morality question. It's just to give the player the chance to decide, not more and not less. Some people want to kill them, some don't.

3. "Mapping was the same..."
I'm sorry that we couldn't make 274 new models and we used the ones of Amnesia. Low amount of detail? What did you expect as "detailed"? It's one of the most detailed stories I have played yet. And i played ~20.

4. "The basement lever door puzzle..."
For the puzzles you are supposed to use your brain. The lever unlocks a door with a handwheel in the room behind. With that you can pull up the heavy door and proceed. And pulling the lever gives you 25 Sanity Damage, which is pretty much but if you played well before that's not a prob. I never, never, never lied on the ground after pulling it. And so did all the BETA-Testers (14 people).

5. "don't spot a single interesting puzzle..."
If you skipped every puzzle... how should you find one then? And okay, we will implement a dancing puzzle next time if you like that.

Haters gonna hate Big Grin


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