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Killings In Altstadt -Custom story/Full conversion-
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RE: Killings In Altstadt -Custom story/Full conversion-

Was told this was pretty decent. Time to find out for sure! As usual, I'll have this window open so I can play and comment at the same time.
Spoiler below!

- Liking the intro. A lot. However, when moving the player and I get dropped from not having the PlayerStartPos ina proper position.
- The lack of any sound in the first map seems to kill the mood.
- Made me jump a little with Agrippa there.
- Not entirely sure what's going on at this point, nor who I am or what I'm doing here.
- Evidently, the grunt didn't like me opening the desk.
- I like the light for the lantern quite a bit.
- Oh, how people don't seem to notice this...when using CellarBase, ALWAYS use welders between wall segments.
- I touched the door and it exploded! I must be the Hulk!
- "Something is behind me" How I know this, I don't know. Half of a grunt seems to like me, though.
- Oh, the infamous Crowbar script.
- Crowbar's shattering the door. Must be old.
- Picked up the Crowbar again. No .lang entries for it.
- Activated the Grunt. Surprised he wasn't a poofer.
- Started spinning the wheel. Evidently not fast enough, cause the Suitor slaughtered me. Darn.
- Hah, Legend of Zelda music. I love Legend of Zelda. Kills the mood, however.
- Boris amuses me.
- The concept of a shop is interesting, though it kills any suspense created by the story.
- I like how he notices if you buy plenty of something.
- Hello suitor. Nice to see you. Oh, you poof. Okay.
- OW. Thanks for punching me in the face, door.
- And then, suddenly, a grunt torso pops out of nowhere.
- Saw the dropping script before it happened. Just had a feeling.
- Got killed by the grunt. Drat.
- I see an Iron Maiden. I detect an Iron Maiden scare.
- No scare, but a suitor. And he poofed. Surprise surprise.
- Improvised ladders. Not bad at all. I do, however, note the lack of a boxlight.
- Hello, poofing suitor. I've come to expect you.
- Aaand out of that level.
- Attempt at a chair scare. Nothin'. Jumpscares rarely get me these days.
- Yes, game, I was aware of the Suitor's presence before you forced me to see it.
- Tried to go through a door where there is wind on the other side.. Doesn't let me. The door is placed wrongly. On purpose?

Unfortunately, this is as far as I got. Curse my inability to figure things out.
02-01-2012, 12:11 AM
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