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No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.
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RE: No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.

I agree with everything Cryaotic said and with this topic's existence. Jump-scares not only get tiresome, they make the story look really cheap and unprofessional. And they are a poor excuse for real fear. When i play Amnesia I am looking for a good story and scares that make sense in the story and the environment. I even dislike seeing randomly placed monsters in custom stories when they seemingly have no point to being there. (but then normally when people come up with ideas as to the monsters existence, it turns kinda of dumb) If a monster should be there, there should at least be a bit more of a reason other than just to scare you, or at least use them correctly and with the right atmosphere.

I mean, custom stories take time to make. You shouldn't throw away all of your hard work by not caring about the quality of the scares.
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