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No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.
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RE: No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.

(02-02-2012, 01:43 AM)MrTerribleNightmares Wrote:
Title says it all. I am sick of jump scare maps, it is just not scary anymore. If anyone has a good map WITH NO JUMP SCARES please send it my way, i am bored and have nothing to do.
^This. It's so upsetting when people put a lot of time and effort into a map, only to fill it with naked bodies that suddenly appear and scream loudly when you trigger a script-area; maps should create an unforgettable atmosphere, not just aim to make you jump as much as possible. Remember that first time you were walking down a dark corridor in Amnesia without any oil left in your lantern? The only thing you could hear was the steady 'clicking' of your sanity draining, and other random creepy noises? Back when you couldn't distinguish between hearing a monster nearby and the wind? Yeah... for a map to get more that a 2/5 stars for me, the map itself has to be beautifully made to work with the most fitting sounds chosen for use, the appropriate jump-scares, the correct timings, and a gripping storyline. As a mapper, I can appreciate that maps can take a very, very long time to complete, even when working as part of a team, however... as a scripter, I know for a damn fact there's more that can be done to scare a player than throwing a body at them, or having a scary face suddenly appear for no reason.
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