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No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.
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RE: No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.

(04-05-2012, 05:57 PM)Prelauncher Wrote: I don´t think that you can judge a custom story only by the number of jumpscares used in it. There is no maximum for the amount that you can use in one story, what limits you is that you can only have so many jumpscares based on your skill as a mapper and scripter. A custom story using many jumpscares can be great as long as the one who made it created an intresting story that the player care about, made the maps heavily atmospheric and that the jump scares are original and works with the story.
What people have to learn is that you must know how to use jumpscares and what to use. By using a jumpscare you throw the player into a sort of climax in the gameplay and you need to keep the player on edge and in stress for a while after it. And, most important, after using the scare you must be able to top it later in the game. Take a look on Yahtzees videos about God of War and you´ll see what I´m talking about.

See, I totally agree with this. I think a map can have as many jump-scares as the creator likes, however... I do think that just throwing a body at somebody and having a screaming sound effect is pretty cheap and ruins what could have been an epic map, simply because the creator was too lazy to sort the scripting out properly. People should always aim to impress with their maps; anybody can script so that a body and sound effect occurs when somebody enters a certain area, but it takes thought and originality to be able to create a fantastic map and use the scripting system to it's full potential.

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