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No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.
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RE: No more Jump scare maps....it is getting unoriginal.

(04-17-2012, 06:40 PM)Cranky Old Man Wrote: Seeing that another unnamed user is asking for help with his Flying Jesus script, I think I've traced the source of the Jesus problem to the wiki.

Any person searching the Frictional Games wiki for tutorials, will happen upon the tutorial named Scares:

"Scares - Explains in as much detail as possible the multiple scares you can use without having to bring out the monsters."

The second suggestion in this tutorial, will tell the creator exactly what to write/paste to make a Flying Jesus scare, and judging by the string names used by creators, this is the very script that the creators are using.
Yes, it is. Because I made it. If my memory serves me correctly, it was a request and I try not to turn those down. However.. I will take it down if someone is willing to give me a replacement scare, I hate just getting rid of it because no one likes it.

Ba-da bing, ba-da boom.
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