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[RELEASE][FIXED]Deterioration - Total Conversion
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RE: [RELEASE]Deterioration - Total Conversion

Hello everyone, I've been noticing a LOT of issues with the final level. I can honestly say, I am very happy with all the feedback. I'm glad everyone enjoys it, and consequently, I am glad that enjoyment means that everyone is so willing to point out ways to improve the final level.
Spoiler below!
Am I correct in thinking that NO ONE has finished the lighthouse level? That honestly blows my mind, considering the amount of times I ran through that level myself must run up to the dozens, trying every combination. It seems that people can't get the lever on the main power junction to work? The way my script works as such:
1. The main power box on the bottom floor is on at the level start. The lever on it is stuck.
2. The player has two choices as to how to turn the valve on the second power box: clockwise and anticlockwise.
a)Anticlockwise jams the system (as noted in the instructions), and the lever on the base floor must be flipped and the wheel then turned the opposite way to unlock the generator on the roof.
b) Clockwise merely unlocks the generator without jamming the system.
Note: Turning it either way spawns the monster.
3. The generator on top has a lever, which is flipped. This causes the light to turn off, and the deterioration gunk fades away. It must be turned back on.
4. Go to the bottom floor (after saving your father from the electrocution puzzle) and flip the lever on the main box. This unlocked the valve on the second floor.
5. The valve can only be turned one way. This unlocks the generator again.
6. Flip the generator lever and be treated to the ending cutscene.

If people have been doing these steps and things are going wrong for them, that means something is wrong. Please let me know which step things go wrong for you, and I'll look into it and put up another version! Sorry, everyone! I never expected the difficulty curve to be this infuriating. I meant to make the last level hard, but never unbeatable!

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02-11-2012, 06:25 PM
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