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[RELEASE][FIXED]Deterioration - Total Conversion
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RE: [RELEASE]Deterioration - Total Conversion

So, I cracked open your code for the lighthouse and tried to see the problem. Saw some redundancies and inconsistencies, and to be honest your code is a little cramped and disorganized. But hey, if you can read it I suppose it works. Anyway, here's my backtracing of the whole dealeo, from what I could see:
Spoiler below!
Turning the middle valve to the right causes these events:
[Line 567 , 576]: Top lever becomes unstuck, and stuck message is removed.
[Error?][Line 570 - 571]: The valve becomes stuck? (Your code here is a little confusing. You have false for disable stuck, but then false for stuck as well)
[Error?]: Stuck message does not come for middle valve.

Turning the top lever off causes these events:
[Line 540 - 541]: Bottom lever becomes unstuck, and stuck message is removed.
[Line 543 - 544]: Top lever becomes stuck.
[Line 539]: Torture Puzzle activates.
[Error?]: Stuck message does not come back for top lever.
[Line 1011]: "lightoff" variable changes to 1.

Saving your father in the torture puzzle prevents game loss, but otherwise triggers nothing significant.

Turning the bottom lever off causes these events:
[Line 469]: The middle valve becomes unstuck.
[Line 470 - 471]: The bottom lever becomes stuck.
[Line 472]: The stuck message comes back.

Turning the middle valve to the left causes these events:
[Redundancy][Line 623, 633]: The top lever becomes unstuck. The stuck message (which doesn't exist?) is removed.

Turning the top lever on causes these events:
[Error?] There's no on state (alState == 1) section for this, nor is there an if clause for anything visible. Nothing else seems to change its StateChange callback, either. Since you need to turn this on again to cause the final cutscene, maybe this is the problem?
I'll do some in-game testing with the patched version in a few here.
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02-12-2012, 05:54 PM
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