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[RELEASE][FIXED]Deterioration - Total Conversion
Alex Ros Offline
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RE: [RELEASE][FIXED]Deterioration - Total Conversion

Be honest, I am a LOT more surprised that your truly extraordinary unique Conversion is nearly unknown to the public. I am myself found it ABSOLUTELY occasionally. Why would not you advertise it? There is nearly no advertisement at all. Why is that so? It's not a Custom Story, it's a Total Conversion - there're only a few of them! And it's kinda REAL strange that you don't bother advertising it hardly. Screenshots, trailers, etc...

How much time have you worked on Deterioration?

Would you polish some parts of Deterioration? Or have you made a strict decision not to do anything at all with Deterioration no more? I am asking simply because there are some tiny details that could be polished. And I did not mention them in my "Wall of Text".

P.S. I've seen, of course, screenshots on MODDB page, but... I think you know it by yourself.... but they're not as good as might be. Honestly.
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11-23-2012, 04:20 PM
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