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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Discussion Topic Part 1
Khyrpa Offline
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RE: Well this sure got my blood rushing...........

I'm puzzled!

This is what you get when you google maps search for china:
This is what they gave:

“q” stands for “query” and anything passed in this parameter is treated
as if it had been typed into the query box on the maps.google.com page.
(I'd think this is just a disguise thing or something)

“hl” stands for “host language”.
(doesnt matter?)

“sll” Latitude,longitude of the point from which the business search should be performed.

“sspn” stands for “Screen span”. Map bounds dimensions in Degrees

“near” can be used as the location part of a query instead of putting the entire string into q=. Also needed/useful for disambiguation.
(another useless thing?)

“t” is Map Type. The available options are “m” map, “k” satellite, “h” hybrid, “p” terrain.
(hybrid eh? What does this mean!?!?)

“z” sets the zoom level.

Using the sll like Brandth says directs to a field. Nothing interesting there for a game? Or is this the grass eating simulation people have talked about?

I can't figure out what that sspn means so I'll just let smarter people figure this out. If there actually is something to figure...

02-10-2012, 03:39 PM

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