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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Discussion Topic Part 1
Welsh cake Offline
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RE: Well this sure got my blood rushing...........

(02-10-2012, 11:07 PM)nofsky Wrote: Let me guess... Someone's found another Orb in China.
Very unlikely.

The Orbs were only associated with Mithraism and that didn't spread beyond the Roman Empire across Central Europe and Africa. Unless of course, the fictional universe of Amnesia is alternate-history, and the relics have their roots in Zoroastrianism which did gain official status in some Chinese states.

Mind you, I did read on the wiki that the Shadow was speculated to be the gigantic bovine from Mithraic monuments which in Zoroastrian interpretations depict is primordial bovine "Gavaevodata" whose fleshy matter becomes the progenitor of all life. Might be why there's so much meat moss after Daniel in the game I guess.

Still the connection is so weak its not even tenable at this point, the plot maybe unrelated to the events in the Dark Descent. As much as I love bumbling Daniel, it doesn't matter either way. I don't mind if its a complete new story with a new character or a continuation of our inept archaeologist's plight trying to escape his doom. China has a rich history full of folklore and mythology regardless.
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