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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Discussion Topic Part 1
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RE: [www.nextfrictionalgame.com] Amnesia Discussion

(02-13-2012, 01:01 PM)Brennenburg Wrote: I think Amnesia 2 is pretty bland for a sequel name. I think Amnesia: The Dark Swarm or something like that is far better. Also, in the Frictional Games YouTube channel there is an early grass simulation video, maybe The Dark Swarm and the grass could make scary bugs that lay low in the grass stalking you or something like that. China also seems like a strange place for a direct Amnesia sequel because most of Amnesia's plot and architecture is medieval Prussian; indirect sequel?
You've got a good point with the grass. I remember seeing that. Also Frictional Games are hiring for an environmental artist. Just shows that the game is gunna be more open. I like the idea of the bugs, but I still think a human form creature is more scary.

Think A Little, Change A Lot
02-13-2012, 03:39 PM

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