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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Discussion Topic Part 1
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RE: [www.nextfrictionalgame.com] Amnesia Discussion

Now that I look at it again, there may not be any person at the end of the path, or hanging pig for that matter. The walls of this pathway or cave or whatever are lit up from the torches, and the dark "spot" in the middle of the pic, at the end of the path, is just the entranceway. There's no light beyond the path, and the 'doorway' or whatever is small, since giving depth to the picture entails a smaller doorway since its in the background. So, maybe it's just a cavernous path leading into a dark cave?
Something I just noticed, nothing I'm sure, but since even though it looks like a mine, it has the Amnesia logo. So unless it's a Penumbra prequel/sequel announcement and the "Amnesia" is just there to show it's being done using Amnesia's HPL2 engine, its probably related to Amnesia and not Penumbra. But... the first GoogleEarth marker was in China, the second current one is Boreray in the UK. If you draw a straight line going from the first marker to the second, and keep going, it leads right into Greenland. And what game took place there?...
If Frictional were giving us a clue with the GoogleEarth thing as to the setting of the next game, why would the location change by such a vast distance? Unless it's not the exact locations we should be looking at, but the perfectly straight line the locations are forming right into the location of their last game.
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