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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Discussion Topic Part 1
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RE: [www.nextfrictionalgame.com] Amnesia Discussion

.jpg   tease_image_final_edit.jpg (Size: 58.82 KB / Downloads: 595)
The last image is now out, and it is obvious what it is now, it seems to be a sewer, with a human corpse hanging from a hook, it was not torches on the walls it is either oil fueled lanterns or electric based lanterns which could mean it is set later on from Amnesia: The Dark Desent, possibly in the very earily 1900's (that would be the time peroid what i would like too! Big Grin), and if im not mistaking, does anyone else think that near the bottom of the screen is the rose petals? which could mean the main character used the amnesia drink the same as Daniel, or someone torturing the hanging body, used the amnesia drink in order for them to forget the horrors they went thorough, in order to torture them again to get the same amount of vitae as the first time they were tortured... just a theory!
02-17-2012, 01:07 PM

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