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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Discussion Topic Part 1
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RE: [www.nextfrictionalgame.com] Amnesia Discussion

Spoiler below!
(03-26-2012, 06:56 PM)Googolplex Wrote: I would like to see a more realistic lantern.
The lantern in TDD was too much yellow shining. I would see more rusty metal, dusty glass with cobwebs and a more flickering flame. And the light shouldn't be bright enough to illuminate the environment.
The cellar environments should be darker and the lantern only should be a help, no bright reflections.
And it also would be nice when the player will lose the lantern in the late game (I remember losing the flashlight in Dear Esther when jumping into a cave). This would be a push of immersing, to be alone, without light. But then find an other light, some kind of candle (for example). To make the game more varied.
I would prefer a lantern like some of this. Old and dirty with a weak flickering light.
[Image: oellampe-von-9-foto-bild-57118165.jpg]

[Image: 1-1237928189TvkO.jpg]

I also would like to see more changing effects on environments. That the player feels something is wrong here... Some scenes without any melody music, only to hear some kind of wind or creaking wood. Music can be very important so the atmosphere, but it also can be destroying.
And the puzzles should be very physic based and more tricky and extensive. The player should find a hidden note with some secrets in the text, maybe a morse code or a password for something. To find out a combination in the text, very thoughtful puzzles that you can't solve in an hour. People should look into a solution or ask in the forum how to solve this puzzle. I mean, a game should be challenging, difficult that you need your brain to go forward. The devs really should spend more time in the puzzles. I actually don't know, how they're working but I can't stop saying how important it is to make a game more involving.
Puzzles like Penumbra or LIMBO, but even more tricky.

Hope anyone of the devs will notice that.

Ok I can't help but see some flaws in this... From what I see you're all about puzzles, it's basically the main thing you want from a game. Puzzles that are so hard you have to be a near GENIUS to solve them without a guide. But at the same time you say you want the game to be very immersive. These two wishes almost completely contradict each other. Think for a second what makes an immersive game, a deep story with good pacing, nice flow of gameplay and events, a feeling of being in the characters shoes. This is almost impossible to achieve when you're banging yourself against a wall for an hour and a half because of a puzzle. Again, one of the main elements that I personally find to be very immersive in a game is the flow of it (as I stated before), the story should slowly progress along with gameplay. Puzzles that are too difficult for almost anyone to understand put a huge block in this flow, it creates a long period where the story nor gameplay progresses and can ruin immersion (as it's hard for a dev to control a players emotions when 1. They're raging so hard they want to quit and just look up a guide and 2. there isn't any chance to add anything that would effect the players emotions when they're walking around in the same area for a ridiculous amount of time). Now I'm not saying puzzles are bad, in fact I think when used well they can greatly improve a game, it's just they have to be used right. It should be hard enough that the player feels a moment of success when they complete it, but not so hard that the player feels relieved that they're finally passed it because of how long it took. I hope you actually think about some of what I said here...

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03-27-2012, 01:06 AM
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