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Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Discussion Topic Part 1
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RE: [www.nextfrictionalgame.com] Amnesia Discussion

I would say one further thing.
To open a closed door in TDD was always not enough involving.
One thing in the refinery where you have to find the hole and take the barrels from the door. That door only was simply blocked. One good thing was in Daniels Room where you have to break the lock using the crowbar. But I missed more door opening puzzles.
Penumbra was really fantastic in this way. You remember the door in Overture (I mean it was the destroyed shaft where the young worms are)?
There you have to get the key from the other side of the door. So what you do? Slip a letter through the gap and put the key out of the hole with a tool (screwdriver) and take the letter back to pick up the key.
This was really involving. As I played this moment, I thought I've never seen such an intelligent game before! I can't believe that this could be the right way to solve this puzzle.
Instead that I play the game, it lets me feel the game plays with me!

This is what I wish for the next Amnesia. Involving involving involving.
And involving doesn't contradict each other with immersing, as kman said. The more you are involved all the more you are immersed. You just should use your brain and think the logics.
This should NOT be a casual game to make it easier for newbies. I thinik, this is not that wat we want.

And I also wish more secrets. For example a secret room or a secret level what you only will find when you solve something special. Here Penumbra again was better in this way. Look at the secret mini game "schmup" or some secret endings when the player find all artifacts.
It would be great when the normal player would not see the whole game when playing it to the end.
Let us discover out some secret rooms what the normal player never would find.
This would make the game more re-playable and interesting for all - when there are secret things you have to find out.

Good to hear that the devs read this forum.
This is very nice!
Frictional Games and Thechineseroom, I hope you will create a new masterpiece and you all are good guys!
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