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Introducing my Channel
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RE: Introducing my Channel

Good luck with your channel, one hint though or advice however you can take it Big Grin.
If you want to start a channel in english be sure to make everything related about it in english, that includes almost every word there is to be seen there, for example, your Amnesia game.Make it in english, that would give the viewer another reason to like your LPs and well...you could try making videos in german, you know making a german channel.
My friend started a channel in his language since I couldn't convince him to start it in english and guess what.He will become a YouTube partner in about 3 days and he already has 300 subs(all in less than a month) so yeah.
I like your videos so far but decide what you want to do next.
You got a sub anyways from me Big Grin
03-25-2012, 10:46 AM
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