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The Small Horse II - The Abuse [Custom Story] Part A+B [UPDATED]
Kreekakon Offline
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RE: The Small Horse II - The Abuse [Custom Story] Part A

Quote:the models arent just made for gmod. somebody ported them after they were made for community usage
Ah ok then, good to know ^^

Skashi Wrote:they're just jealous^^
No! Calling them jealous because they don't like the story is being extremely disrespectful of one's opinion. If they don't like the story, that's their choice, and opinion. They should never be discredited for that.

I know you're just saying it to boost Litronom's morale, but still.

PS: Lol people should really clean up their posts more, the quotes are all over the place. You should only quote the part you're replying to. You shouldn't have gigantic quote trains to confuse people.

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