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Do people realy care about the story in custom storys?
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RE: Do people realy care about the story in custom storys?

(04-17-2012, 09:26 AM)andyrockin123 Wrote: Why would you bother making a "troll" level with all of the amazing tools FG has provided its community? It's literally a direct insult to them. I can promise you that they had no intention of 10-14yr olds (I'm only assuming your around that age because of your avatar/sig) making troll/pewdiepie maps when they released their tools.
I have no problem with people making random levels as long as they acknowledge it "truly as random", and not try to sugar-coat a random/funny story with a horror veil (Which in other words is wanting to make a random story, but lack the confidence to deviate completely into that field because of general views of others) tricking yourself, and everyone. Stories when done with the full intention of being random can be a fun roller coaster ride, that won't be remembered for their memorable story, but will be remembered for the good dumb fun we had during the time we played it. It's a bit like Micheal Bay's Transformer series.

If you need more proof that random stories can be good, check out Dark Room. It is random, hilarious, and insane...all in a good way.

Also, on an off topic note I feel I have to say this; being a fan of My Little Pony doesn't make you immature. It just means you like a good show. I hate it when people make implications about a person's age or maturity based on their like of MLP. If a show is good, people of all ages, and maturity should be allowed to like it.

This is off topic though so if anyone wishes to continue this discussion with me, I'd be happy to take it over PM.

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04-17-2012, 09:51 AM
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