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Multilingual version ?
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Solved: 4 Years, 6 Months, 3 Weeks ago RE: Multilingual version ?

Hi. I want to dig it up.
I want to translate Black Plague to polish, but no matter what I do ( change font type, text encoding ) all the language specific letters show up as question marks, or do not show at all, the whole translation flickers and dissapears eventualy. But if I translate without language specific letters the translation works like a charm.
Some time ago I got some other polish translations, but they did not work here on mac. I have compared them to the original English.lang and I have found that they had a different file construction, maby by because they were prepared for windows. So I've started my own translation based on the English.lang file.
First I translated in the system native TextEdit, now in the Unitron. Does Penumbra differentiates font type, or text encoding? What should I do?

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