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Amnesia - Welcome to Rapture? - unfinished-
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RE: Amnesia - Welcome to Rapture? - unfinished-

(04-24-2012, 02:03 PM)nemesis567 Wrote: I agree with you up to a certain point. We're not born to pay our stay around here to some people we have nothing to do with. If you were using Amnesia's models without permission, it would be a major problem because these models are done with a whole lot of different worries, concerns and dedication(Indie development), but even so, I don't believe stealing content is something you should do like that. There are laws that are made for the sake of politics, but I don't believe that forbidding stealing is one of them.
How is using models that you already own, stealing?
How is ripping models from a game that you already own, stealing?
How is reverse engineering something that you already own, stealing?
I understand that I'm technically only buying "the rights to play a copy of a game that is ultimately owned by Take2". but the way I see it, is that if it legally ended up on my computer, it's mine. I may not have publishing rights to it, but I should be able to pick it apart just like a radio, and use it in other things (like building a hair-dryer out of it).

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04-24-2012, 03:21 PM

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