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Penumbra Patch 1.1 Beta Released!
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Penumbra Patch 1.1 Beta Released!

Check Here Instead!

So finally the patch is released, but before we are going really public with this we wanted you people on the forum to try it out, so that all works well. An offical patch will be released tomorrow, so PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD THIS ONE.

Hope that you are in a differnent timezone than us so we didn't miss the wednesday release we promised (0.15 in Sweden as I post) Smile

* Download removed *

To update just follow the instrctions Smile

Among the news in this update are:

- Support for GF3 /4, Radeon 8500 - 9200 and perhaps some other strange card with similar capabilities.
- New particle system support.
- More graphical tweak options.
- Improved specular.
- New textures.
- And more...

This is mostly a techy update and those of you wanting more gameplay, I am afraid there will be none of that.

Also, for those of you that would like to mod the game, there will a post about this in the mod forum VERY soon.

Enjoy the patch Smile
06-28-2006, 11:16 PM

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