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2012-10 Wednesday 31st, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Halloween Teaser
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RE: 2012-10 Wednesday 31st, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Halloween Teaser

This world is a machine.
A machine for pigs.
Fit only for the slaughtering of pigs.
It all rather depends on what considers to be a pig...

Looks like an exact metaphor to our modern world. Especially by knowing and remembering that pigs DNA is nearly similar to human. As always simplicity is the twin brother of a genius. Our modern world economical machine fit only for enslaving human minds. Seems like the game theme would question us, players, are we ready to rise and change the world? Are we pigs for slaughtering? Who we are? What is our purpose in this world? This simple metaphor leads to thousands of the most complicated questions. Extremely curious to play the game with such a strong philosophical theme. KOYAANISQATSI. ZEITGEIST. SAMSARA.

Who is the scriptwriter on a Machine for Pigs? Anyone from Frictional? Chineseroom? Collaborative?

Level design "grew up" very noticeably. I can't say anything for sure, but looks like that's exactly the mark of the presence of the authors of Dear Esther in the project. Dark Descent level design was quite narrowed to a classical haunted mansion atmosphere. And seems like a Machine for Pigs level design is a lot more complicated, disturbing and compelling to meditate about things, that aren't directly related to the plot and horror. Clear example is the chamber with stuffed animals, the observation of such an environment by itself forces to think about... about many things ))) Like in a little joke about a zoo: "Are cells protecting us from animals or animals from us?" ))))))

Have you been thinking about making a video "Making of a Machine for Pigs"? It would be very interesting to look at you Frictional guys and Chineseroom guys collaborating and working together. Commentary mode would be also really nice, but a real video, not just a voices, could be a lot more satisfying.
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