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2013-02 Tuesday 19th, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Status Update
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RE: 2013-02 Tuesday 19th, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Status Update

(02-19-2013, 09:33 PM)Zgroktar Wrote: Well I don't want be Daniel because he is sadistic maniac, with severely pliable and weak character, who doesn't even have a courage to face his monstrosities, but needs a comfort of oblivion by inducing amnesia to himself. That is one of the major points of this game, you must travel in a skin of a man so despicable and to experience his world. You may have something in common with him, and you can relate to some things, but that doesn't mean ''you must be him'', and that was surely not an idea from Frictional.

I think it partially was, and if it is not the case, then I certainly believe it mildly is the way it turned out for a lot of players at least.

I believe what Minecrawler tried to say was how the game gives you a chance to relate to or be the protagonist. When you start the game, you know next to nothing, just like him, and especially whenever not reading diary entries and experiencing flashbacks, not much happens that makes it impossible to feel you are playing as yourself, if sucked into the game. You start to uncover recent past through flashbacks and diary entries, and you start to question whether you really could have done any of this, as would Daniel.

You can do and think in what way you like throughout the game, but I believe the game gives you a good opportunity to feel as if you are in fact this very person. Whether or not you would want to be him is another question, but the human mind acts in strange ways while fearing for ones life and living through terror, and at the very least, taking a drink to make you forget might very well even change you as a person, or at the least make you view your past crazy actions through diary entries and flashbacks from a different perspective, so even though Daniel's past feels like somebody who would be the complete opposite of you, I still think it is fully possible to feel responsible for any action you learn that you did while playing the game. You do not even know anything of his past or what he did until further out in the game anyway. I feel this is one of the things that can mess with one's mind when playing the game. ^^

Really excited for A Machine For Pigs now!

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