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ATI HD Problem: Beta hotfix available - UPDATED 11/6
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Solved: 2 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks ago ATI HD Problem: Beta hotfix available - UPDATED 11/6

Patch in support: http://updates.frictionalgames.com/

I have been able to reproduce some of the errors on my Radeon HD 2600 and have then check with newly compiled exes and here the errors where not present. So now I want the rest of you to check and see what happens.

Before testing the new exe do the following:
- Uninstall _all_ display drivers and then download and install the latest.
- Disable Catalyst AI (meaning the box shall be checked)
- Disable Triple buffer (box is unchecked)
- Wait for vertical refresh: "Off, unless applications specifies"
- Adaptive AA off (box is unchecked)
- Smooth vision HD (both). Box "Use application settings" is checked.

To add the hot fix unpack the rar files in the redist folder of each game (where "Penumbra.exe" is found).
For steam these are found in:
...\steamapps\common\penumbra black plague\redist
...\steamapps\common\penumbra overture\redist
For most other distribution look in Program Files folder.

Then run the hotfix exe for respective game.

Before posting your result, please double check that the correct exe is run and that all messures above have been taken.

The hotfixes are attached to this message and please note that they are in Beta and should NOT be applied unless problems are experienced!

UPDATE: The hot fix exes have been updated to fix a physics bug, that occurs with the computer room in BP and perhaps other places. Please use this new hot fixes.
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