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An important personal note to the FG guys

An important personal note to the FG guys

Right now I'm starting to lose faith in the gaming industry completely. A year ago I completely loved Valve Software for example, however since they introduced the European currency (leading to price inbalances up to 400% and completely ignoring the issue on Steam) and Left 4 Dead 2 one year after Left 4 Dead I've ditched them completely now. It even lead me to giving away my 89 games filled Steam account to my sister, selling my Valve plush toys (and giving the ones I couldn't get sold to my dogs) and ditching my framed Valve posters. Yes, I do take it serious when game companies start to act suspiciously like EA (releasing sequels in very short periods, demanding full price again, ignoring the community, serious forum censorship, etc...).

I admit, that I either will stop playing/buying the games or simply will get them through other (costless) means. However, I can't do this with Frictional Games, my principles do not allow this, why? Awesome games and awesome price, awesome devotion to stay in touch with the community. I simply can't convince myself to get FG products like this.

These are the 3 things which will result in great success in my eyes. I seriously dislike how Frictional Games is listening to those reviews of their own games. The graphics of Penumbra are magnificent, even for 2009 (while they claim they believed that was the thing review sites commented the most about (in a negative way)). They are simply great, sure they are no Crysis (and I wouldn't want them to be like that to be honest) but they match with the atmosphere.

The only purchases I will make in the future involving game releases are Frictional Games products. Definitely now that I've seen how Frictional Games was doubting about their future and possibly having financial difficulties (while I can't wait much longer for their next title, however, hope they take their time to make it another magnificant game title).

If it wasn't for my friend introducing me into this game (I never played a game of this genre but I'm seriously hooked now) I would have never known about this. The game is so great that it will advertise itself (I've told about 10+ friends about this game so far, many bought it).
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