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2015-05 Wednesday 15th, SOMA is now in beta
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RE: 2015-05 Wednesday 15th, SOMA is now in beta

(04-25-2015, 11:47 AM)Traggey Wrote: Alot of people DID have issues with the interaction in amnesia, it was something you got used to absolutely, but every single new player I saw playing the game had problems opening doors for example, and I've seen let's plays of people getting stuck on puzzles simply because they didn't know how to interact with the environment.

How dull must a game still be? Amnesia is not for 6-year olds! When 10 million people can play inaccessible games such as Skyrim or The Witcher, how the hell will someone have problems with Amnesia's controls, where you only have to use WASD, Mouse, Space and Tab? There are no tons of keys and fuctions like in other games!!!

Amnesia has by far the easiest and most precise controls I ever enjoyed in a game. Moving objects with the mouse feels like you would really be in the world and grab objects with your hand. People who have problems with that just need to learn how to play a game first!!! It's not the fault of a game when people aren't able to figure things out.

(04-25-2015, 11:47 AM)Traggey Wrote: It's a good way of making the game alot easier to play for alot of folks, and keep in mind, they've stated themselves that SOMA is not going to be as intense as amnesia, they're going for a more casual experience.

Then I have a very bad feeling of what SOMA is going to be. That's the exactly reason why once good games like Need For Speed or even Gothic and Risen got ruined by making it more casual. Because the publisher wanted to make it more accessible for the mainstream. Dulled down the gameplay and added tutorials for 12-year olds!

So I think old games are often much more immersive and better than the modern casual crap which is just made to sell fast. Traggey, I managed to play Silent Hill 1 on PC with an emulator!

Why to make doors not just opening automatically by a single mouse click? Why to MOVE the mouse first? That could be too difficult for the players.Dodgy
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