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2015-05 Wednesday 15th, SOMA is now in beta
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RE: 2015-05 Wednesday 15th, SOMA is now in beta

(04-25-2015, 01:53 PM)Traggey Wrote: ''It's not the fault of a game when people aren't able to figure things out.''

Yes it is, actually. A game needs to teach the player how to play it, back in the days we had instruction manuals to do this for us, now however, it is all done in-game.

A game does not have to teach the player how to play it. Rather the player has to learn it automatically by playing the game. There is a difference. I am not a fan of complicated controls, anyway this is not what Amnesia have. But the problem is when a game speaks to me like in a turorial which key I have to press etc. That always reminds me to play just a game and kills the immersion from the beginning.

So I like games like Penumbra, Amnesia, Gothic or Indiana Jones Infernal Machine that start smoothly and chilling where you have enough time to experiment things out and learn how to play it automatically. No action, no fights, no hectic rush! Only you, who's thrown into a world of danger and have to walk your way deeper into the story. Anyway modern games are much more easier to control than old ones and people are still overwhelmed? In the early 2000's nobody criticized the controls. There were no tutorials, no info messages how to play and it's the era where the best games came out. A good game must not be hardcore, but it must be immersive and well designed to ensure a serious experience and not a casual 0815-xbox arcade game you play with a joystick and where everything get explained.

Look at this here how tutorials are annoying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHJyMAQNDhE

That's the tutorial, the worst start sequence of all games I ever played. How casualized this game is! Feels like conventional EA triple-A shit and this from a developer who was always known for professional design for all these years. A shame how game developers become more and more mainstream oriented.

(04-25-2015, 01:53 PM)Traggey Wrote: Also I do have to ask what's so amazing about playing SH1 on an emulator..? I've done it myself and it wasn't exactly dificult.

You say Amnesia is difficult to play, but SH1 with an emulator not? Oh man, sorry, but that could not be serious.
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